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Manakeep 728x90
(Jun 24, 2015)
WTF have they done to traits! Noooo!
(Jun 17, 2015)
omg... I got a 4k screen and wow.. my toons are amazingly beautiful, the graphics are just amazing
(Jun 17, 2015)
preorders but not just an expansion.. whole game with the order.. bloody expensive
(Jun 17, 2015)
WTF preorders?!
(Jun 13, 2015)
Im on raidcall again tonight!
(Jun 12, 2015)
Guild halls reveal next week. coming with HoT!!!
(Jun 11, 2015)
Fun pvp was had tonight :)
(Jun 11, 2015)
Dam these german work times!!!
(Jun 11, 2015)
I'll be at work :(
(Jun 11, 2015)
Ill be on raidcall tonight!
(Jun 10, 2015)
OK I dont knwo what is going on. :p
(Jun 10, 2015)
OK I meant to type skill scrolls but still. Noooooooo!
(Jun 10, 2015)
New patch! All experience scrolls gone! Nooooooooooo! :*(
(May 23, 2015)
aww yesh!.. successful teq with a set up of only 24 seconds
(May 21, 2015)
levelling my last toon... lvl 45 and counting
(May 21, 2015)
Lot of patchy goodness...
(May 18, 2015)
Just got 3 amber from 3 chests in Dry Top. Thats my good karma spent for the rest of my life.
(May 17, 2015)
Just finished watching the new WvW map reveal. Looks amazing cant wait to play it!
(May 10, 2015)
Hmm what bow to choose
(May 08, 2015)
Looks like we need some longbows