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Manakeep 728x90
(Sep 27, 2015)
sorry was at a birthday party.
(Sep 27, 2015)
So from the description a druid is a monk
(Sep 26, 2015)
Rugen and I are waiting where have you gone?
(Sep 26, 2015)
gw2 time... anyone up for dungeons
(Sep 25, 2015)
Correction pumps are out until the next next Wednesday :(
(Sep 18, 2015)
lots of gw2 wvw time for you!
(Sep 18, 2015)
So Pumps are out of commissiopn until at least next Wednesday.
(Sep 16, 2015)
Mor epatchy goodness
(Sep 04, 2015)
All hail ship killer GILLES!!!
(Aug 30, 2015)
10 man raids coming to gw2
(Aug 29, 2015)
October 23rd gilles
(Aug 25, 2015)
Just got a scroll to advance a character to lvl 30 boom!
(Aug 21, 2015)
I am going to help you and Adam come back (if you want) it's only 500 gems to return to ioj. Please let me know as I want to help
(Aug 20, 2015)
Wait you leaving me here with all these crazies? Perhaps you could get your WvW fix sinking ships instead ;-)
(Aug 20, 2015)
not happy so am leaving
(Aug 20, 2015)
yeah... I had been upgrading fabl and sos came to take everything.. I put out a help call to snuggly and the xiii crew and got told "we are in sos" and ignored until there was only garry left
(Aug 20, 2015)
Sick of XII misch?
(Aug 19, 2015)
just so you guys know... it's like 500 gems only to txfr back to ioj... i am considering it
(Aug 06, 2015)
Been helping Tarra do her storyline down in Orr and just so happens one of my toons is up to the same part :) win all round!
(Aug 03, 2015)
Thanks for the game on the weekend was fun running around with a group of people agian. I will try to get on a bit more leading up to the expansion.