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Manakeep 728x90
(Jan 29, 2016)
lag issues seem to be everywhere, could be the gliding patch, or shatterer or the weather :(
(Jan 28, 2016)
Multiple patches and bad server lag and even server crashes today
(Jan 27, 2016)
Aaaaargh They have cleared them remember my password option! Nooo!
(Jan 10, 2016)
(Jan 10, 2016)
Just saw Ascended heavy armor on a norn male and from the back it is not a good look. :(
(Dec 25, 2015)
Merry Christmas Everyone
(Dec 05, 2015)
yup... need a full team for part 16.. eww
(Nov 24, 2015)
i think i am up to the last part of the HOT storyline
(Nov 03, 2015)
You may call me Master Herald Adatra now!
(Nov 03, 2015)
Was an epic 2 hours last night slaying the dragon! !
(Nov 02, 2015)
Guild halls for everyone. ... by the way rev is OP
(Nov 02, 2015)
Yay for the Guild Hall
(Oct 31, 2015)
getting sick of this grind fest
(Oct 26, 2015)
so guild halls... hmm... need to work on party set up. need CC's and damage
(Oct 19, 2015)
Cant click on yout new thread Jase I get told I cant connect.
(Oct 05, 2015)
2 dungeons some pvp and much fun.. thanks everyone
(Oct 04, 2015)
wanna do another dungeon?
(Oct 03, 2015)
Mental Note: IoJ is red again.
(Sep 30, 2015)
had some fun in ranked pvp last night.. thanks everyone for helping me :)
(Sep 30, 2015)
Looks like somr interesting party updates are coming with the expansion.