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Manakeep 728x90
(Nov 17, 2016)
Argh the lag, it hurts!
(Oct 11, 2016)
wait, FIRST set?!
(Oct 09, 2016)
Thanks everyone for helping me get my first set of ascended armour!
(Oct 07, 2016)
Welcome HOME Gilles!
(Oct 05, 2016)
Back in southern hemisphere
(Sep 30, 2016)
have activated some of the next upgrades in the GH.. we need to do missions for favor
(Aug 28, 2016)
Was lovely to catch up with Rugen again
(Aug 15, 2016)
So the last couple of days has been well quiet and whilst gw2 is interesting all in its self has definitely not been the same without Bacon, Adam and Gillies!
(Jul 29, 2016)
Thanks misch and gilles for the epic play through of the new content the other night!
(Jul 08, 2016)
Sitting in TS all night an no ones on :(
(Jul 04, 2016)
With no Gilles and no Moke.. things feel, different
(Jul 01, 2016)
Gilles will be otherwise occupied. Moke knows how it is...
(Jun 29, 2016)
RAID RAID RAID RAID... there will be a raid this saturday night
(Jun 28, 2016)
Adatra shall be ready for death!
(Jun 28, 2016)
Looking to do the first raid this saturday.. please be on
(Jun 27, 2016)
I seem to have lost the ability to claim camps in WvW
(Jun 26, 2016)
Yay world linked with DB.. Can run with Mist
(Jun 19, 2016)
The Moke is strong in this one.
(Jun 07, 2016)
hahaha.. just heard someone refer to Lion's Lag as Lobster Arch