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Isle of Janthir

Cole / Aug 22, 2012
I have tried to track the overall metatrends of the collective GW2 pseudo community beyond these halls. The never ending juggling of guilds, communities and reputations has left my nerves somewhat shattered. Most of the links of who was going where that I posted only a few days ago are now all out of date - it is changing that fast.

I think I tried to follow the un-followable and know the un-knowable. Right now I could hold an intelligent conversation with Cthulhu.

Our the poll put Isle of Janthir at 55% and no clear close competitor. I know the poll only listed a few options and this may well have skewed it and I apologise for that. However, because every community outside this one seems to change on a whim, I crave some certainty. I don't like uncertainty very much. I never have.

My apologies to anyone who might think I am pre-empting or pre-committing but for the sake of my sanity I personally will be rolling on the Isle of Janthir server. I hope my friends will do the same. If not, there will be guesting at some point and overflow until then. If we have "multi-server" guilds I am absolutely 100% okay with it.

So for my own sanity, Isle of Janthir, here I come. I hope to see you there but will understand completely if I see you elsewhere.


Rain King
Here is the plan/flow chart I propose.

A. We all roll on Isle of Janthir

B. If we absolutely hate it (that means we absolutely cannot stand playing with the people on that server) or it if the server is too full then our alternate server will be Henge of Denravi (also an international server).

C. If Henge of Denravi is full then we move to Tarnished Coast.

D. If Tarnished Coast is full then we move to Ferguson's Crossing: because no one wants to play on Ferguson's Crossing.

Cole will decide the deadlines for each section of the flow chart in the news section of the HoH site.
Ill role on IoJ if I can.. If not I think Rain Kings plan seems pretty reasonable, so ill follow that too I guess..
Right. Let's proceed as outlined above.
Enjoy. I shall see you all soon. Soon...
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