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Welcome the New Year with a Karmic Binge

Cole / Dec 13, 2012
While the Hall of Heroes is international, no one does a booze up like we Aussies. So in fine tradition of the impending season the Hall of Heroes has been investing in Karma Boost bonuses which currently lie in wait... for

The New Year "Chug a Jug' (of Karma) Binge fest.

Did you know that the two difference "increased Karma" banners stack? They also stack with a +50% karma from Gem shop. This means that a single Jug of Liquid Karma which normally provides 4500 karma can go as high as 7650 a jug!

So save them for 1st January 2013.

Yes you are the Hoelbrack Hearth near the bank:

Bottoms up! :)


Idea for Karma Banner placement: Spark Fly Fen near Tequatl the Sunless spawn.

After all what better place to go on a drinking binge than right next to your drinking buddy, Vomit Dragon.

My only concern is that lower level guildies might not make it to the banners. Other ideas?
Rain King
You are right about overflow & LA. Hoelbrak is the next obvious choice.


Cole activates 24 hour guild karma buff (PST time?)

Check to see if there is a guild banner already up in LA: claim buff. If not -make sure there are several guildies online and ask them to join you in Hoelbrak to chug karma. Plant banner after guildies arrive and claim buff (we only have 5 banners that last 30 minutes each so please only use them for a large group.)

Activate Karma booster (purchase one from the gem store if you haven't already).

Chug all Karma jugs and Karma boosters.

Rain King

How about this hearth in Hoelbrak? Conveniently located near the bank.
All the best for the big day. Sorry i wont be around but ill probably be drinking cocktails on the beach!!
Updated with Derrick's suggested location.
Sir Gilles
Has this happened yet?
Yes. But it could happen again. :)
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