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Cole / Dec 13, 2012
While the Hall of Heroes is international, no one does a booze up like we Aussies. So in fine tradition of the impending season the Hall of Heroes has been investing in Karma Boost bonuses which currently lie in wait... for

The New Year "Chug a Jug' (of Karma) Binge fest.

Did you know that the two difference "increased Karma" banners stack? They also stack with a +50% karma from Gem shop. This means that a single Jug of Liquid Karma which normally provides 4500 karma can go as high as 7650 a jug!

So save them for 1st January 2013.

Yes you are the Hoelbrack Hearth near the bank:

Bottoms up! :)
Cole / Sep 01, 2012
Welcome to "the Hall of Heroes" (HoH). Based primarily on the lovely Isle of Janthir we are currently building our Guild resources.

Things underway:

  • Help us select our Emblem! See the forums here
  • Guild Stash operational!
  • Guild Armorsmith operational!
  • Shooting towards Guild Weaponsmith

Unless Guild Members REALLY want it I do not propose to invest in temporary boosts or the Art of War at this point in time.

Also we do have a dedicated Mumble server. The mumble password is available from any of the Founders or Officers of the Guild - please ask in game.
Cole / Aug 22, 2012
I have tried to track the overall metatrends of the collective GW2 pseudo community beyond these halls. The never ending juggling of guilds, communities and reputations has left my nerves somewhat shattered. Most of the links of who was going where that I posted only a few days ago are now all out of date - it is changing that fast.

I think I tried to follow the un-followable and know the un-knowable. Right now I could hold an intelligent conversation with Cthulhu.

Our the poll put Isle of Janthir at 55% and no clear close competitor. I know the poll only listed a few options and this may well have skewed it and I apologise for that. However, because every community outside this one seems to change on a whim, I crave some certainty. I don't like uncertainty very much. I never have.

My apologies to anyone who might think I am pre-empting or pre-committing but for the sake of my sanity I personally will be rolling on the Isle of Janthir server. I hope my friends will do the same. If not, there will be guesting at some point and overflow until then. If we have "multi-server" guilds I am absolutely 100% okay with it.

So for my own sanity, Isle of Janthir, here I come. I hope to see you there but will understand completely if I see you elsewhere.