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Diaspora: The House of Black and the Twilight of Season of the Scion

by Cole on Aug 24, 2012 at 08:51 PM}
Entry 1

Cole the Black, Lilandra the Reaper, Blessed Bea, Noriko Kusanagi and many more. All famed members of the House of Black, the Order of the Chimaera and the Gear Trick. These people and august organisations date back to the final days of "Season of the Scion" (according to Glint - who also may be little more than myth). Much of their history is now lost to us.

With the awakening of the Great Dragons, the Battle Isles were thrown down, Lion's Arch drowned and the great Guilds of the age were torn asunder along with their Guild Halls.

What fate befell these legends and what of their linage? This journal chronicles the final days of these people along with the legacy each has left...

Cole the Black: Final Days
Born in Ascalon and married to a native of the Dragon Empire of Cantha, Cole the Black settled in the Battle Isles in the Guild Hall of the Order of the Chimaera. Legend says (somewhat incredulously) that Cole was instrumental in defeating a Lich lead Titan invasion, casting out a rogue Emissary of the Gods and assisted in overthrowing the mad god of secrets, Abbadon. While surely exaggerations (bordering on preposterous) there is evidence that a man by this name did exist and was a mighty hero of great renown.

It is said that after defeating a general of the Elder Dragons, Cole the Black retired until the Civil War of Kryta where he aided in the Monarchy Restoration. Oddly there is no record of his involvement in the great Canthan Expulsion despite the nationality of his life partner.

It is said that after many peaceful years and siring many children, he desired to die for a nobler cause than Age. Dressed in his cherished armour and armed he entered the mists of his own free will to do battle with the nameless horrors that sometimes emerged from there. After this story, there is no further reference of him and we must assume he did not return.

Cole the Black: Legacy
Tracing the family line is proving to be difficult. I continue in my research.

I have managed to trace some of the family line. It would appear that in human and Norn lands the appellation "the Black" eventually mutated into "Blackmoor". There are various family lines associated with Blackmoor and this link has proven invaluable in establishing linage and legacy.

Norn and humans are compatible (although one suspects that marital relations would be... awkward). From this, it is not surprising to identify both Human and Norn bloodlines.

Within the Human holdings I have identified two distinct lines; one of nobility and one of more "common" stock. The most prominent of each line respectively is Lilhy Blackmoor (the noblewoman) and Cole Blackmoor (a "commoner" who is currently unaware of his parentage. While his parentage is known to this humble scribe, it is not my place to intervene).

Within the Norn holdings I have identified one distinct line. Prominence is shared by two siblings one of whom has rejected the Blackmoor name (ostensibly because "a true hero needs but one name"): Beatarix Blackmoor and her brother "Airyk" (previously known as Airyk Blackmoor).

<<More to come in the following days>>


Rain King
Really like the structure your making Cole. Keep up the awesome story line!
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