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HoM: A short guide to getting points quickly

by Cole on Jul 14, 2012 at 05:20 PM}
Cole's Guide to Quick(ish) HoM Points

Click here for the Hall of Monuments

Pro-Tip: Always have your HoM in Account mode not Character mode. Double ups on anything don't count. Don't bother getting the same mini-pet, hero, armour, weapon twice. Make sure you get something different each time. Check all your toons. If you have more than one toon then odds are you already have more points to bank than you may realise.

20 minis that include a green and a gold will snag 5 points right there. Black Moa chick is green and craftable. Also getting the Black Moa should land you the "Eternal Conqueror of Sorrow's Furnace" statue at the same time. Gold mini... a little tougher.

Be sure to NOT double up. Duplicate mini's don't count so swap or trade your spares.

You can farm/buy enough jade or amber for elite Luxon/Kurzick. Counts separately for a +1 and towards your "full set" (what I call a double count).

Ancient armour is ugly but dirt cheap so snag it as well. Elite Sunspear is early game and only money is your obstacle there.

Speaking on money: now is a good time to go hit those "free treasures" in Elona. Treasure explained

Vabbian is good for double counting but gems are expensive. Consider farming trade contracts. Trade contracts explained

Note ETON has some nice sets. Norn points are easy to farm on hard mode and generally is nice looking.

You should be close to a full armour display (5 sets).

Kill the Lich, Shiro and Abadon. Knock over "Sorrow's Furnace". That is +4 towards your required 5 for "full display". For your last one you have a number of choices:

  • Dwarven boxing yourself a survivor (boring)
  • run FoW (fun and soloable - more fun with friends)
  • run the Deep with me. I taught myself how to solo with heroes to complete that one. It takes hours but is quite satisfying to pound Kanaxi.
  • Feeling up to the new and horrible Underworld? Go for it.
  • Domain of Anguish? I reckon it could be two person beaten nicely. It is just beyond my skill solo (with heroes). So tantalizingly close.
  • Do legendary Defender in Pre-Searing using the new "high level" dailies. I got a perma pre and am happy to help. It takes about 3 months though (time gated quests)
  • Skill hunter. You are probably closer than you think. Seriously check your progress this is actually 4 separate titles if all on one character.

Killed the Great Destroyer (AKA the great Pushover)? Didn't get a prize? (BTW there are no prizes - stop looking) Then go get a hideous Destroyer Weapon. Relatively cheap and it will kick off your collection.

Knock over the rather fun War in Kryta and save your rewards. Grab an Oppressor Weapon. Combined with the Destroyer Weapon you got +3 HoM points right there. If you are desperate for another +1 HoM but get more Destroyer or oppressor weapons.

Tormented Weapons? Be rich or come help me in the Domain of Anguish (you know you want to).

MOX is a freebie. No armour upgrade needed so chuck it straight in your HoM.

The Black Moa is almost a freebie. That's +3 HoM right there between the Moa and MOX (that sounds like a song title).

You need some of these

  • Dajkah Inlet is soloable and doable. It will armour up to 5 heroes. You can get 2-3 pretty easily on any one character. After that it is best to change characters and grab another 2-3. Trying to get all 5 on one character is a serious grind. Avoid that.
  • The Shadow Nexus can be soloed to a point. Still 1 or 2 armour is gettable. Don't forget to change characters and grab another 1 or 2.
  • Remains of Sahlahja annoyed me. My wyrm skills were not leet. Still getting 1 armour is not too hard.

I recommend Dajkah with a hero spike team though. It is fast and fun and you get armour upgrades pretty quick. Give it 2-4 runs and you should get one. It doesn't take long.

So what does that get you?
The above options are not too long. Probably less than 10 hours spread over a couple of weeks. It is limited grind and should get most experienced players the following:

3 pts = account linking
5 pts = for 20 assorted mini's including a green and a gold
5 pts = for a full set of heroes
5 pts = for a full set of statues
5 pts = for a full set of armour which includes Kurzick/Luxon
3 pts = for a destroyer and oppressor weapon

Total without too much pain = 26

Last +4 HoM points will depend on your play style till now. What do you have most of? Time, cash, armour, materials, mini-pets?

I hope that helps. But feel free to go for the whole hog: "Seriously, you crazy!"


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Not a bad little guide really.
I guess this is one good thing about this journal entry stuff. Is that we can share this kind of information easily.
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