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[Pinned] Get to know your Crafters

Please post your crafter names, professions and ranks here.
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Cole91478Small Sir Gilles 7y
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The Road To Legendary Status

So today i made the bold choice of going for a legendary.I have chosenTWILIGHT (this is not the movie verion = P )So here is the list i need.Twilight-1 Dusk -1 Gift of Twilight -1 Gift of Metal -1 Gift of Fortune 77 Mystic Clover...
Small Adatra 7y
Adatra9419136Small Misch 4y


I just hit 400 tailor. If you want fancy cloth armor, send me the mats, and I'll make'em for you.Oh, this includes bags and runes, too.
Small Shi Violet 7y
Shi Violet1333Small Shi Violet 7y


Hey guys Ive been lvling my jelewery pretty hard the last couple of nights.If anyone is interested a specific kind of trait buff ill keep an eye out and send it over to you.
Small Adatra 8y
Adatra4664Small Shi Violet 7y

Hunting Services (Bows, Guns)

You want a bow? A Gun? Of course you do! It was a rhetorical question.As usual post your requests and our handy Hunting men and women may be in touch.
Small Cole 8y
Cole3550Small Sir Gilles 7y

Exotic weapons manufactured at cost

Last night I hit 400 weapon smithing. As a weaponsmith I can make axes, daggers, greatswords, hammers, maces, shields, spears and swords.If anyone wants to pass on the required materials I'll happily put them together for you.Be warned however if ...
Small Sir Gilles 7y
Sir Gilles121901Small Sir Gilles 7y

Commendations: what are they good for?

UPDATE: my numbers are way off if you use rare or exotic items as long as they don't sell for over a gold on the trading post. See this wiki page: Karka Lion guard weapons do...
Small Rain King 7y
Rain King1569Small Rain King 7y

Armoring Services

I notice there are a few armorers in the guild - and we are getting better all the time.If you want something special, post here and (with luck) one of our armorers will pick up the job. As normal you pay for the materials and we will hammer it ou...
Small Cole 8y
Cole2434Small Mokey 7y

Dye making services

Cooking is an incredibly expensive endeavor to undertake; requiring more coin, karma, & time than other crafting professions, but one is rewarded with the ability to make dye. I officially announce my dye making services for guildies that do n...
Small Rain King 8y
Rain King131857Small Adatra 7y

Mystic Salvage Kit

So you can craft a Mystic Salvage Kit that has an 80% chance of retrieving upgrade components, 25% of getting rarer materials and has a stack of 250. You put these 4 ingredients into the Mystic Forge.You need:1 x Fine Salvage Kit[s] (2s 88c)1 x Jo...
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Best Crafting Tutorial Video
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