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Possible 5 person team build from Mist

Current Mist WvW Group Composition:The idea for this build is NOT FOR GVG USE. This is for our Mist's WvW use where they are almost always fighting outnumbered against trash mobs, or against mediocre guild groups twice our size. There are simple c...
Small Misch 5y
Misch21114Small Sir Gilles 5y
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Seeking Guardian Builds

I am looking for some fun and effective builds for high level Guardians. Is anyone able to help?
Small Cole 8y
Cole8819663Small Sir Gilles 6y

First attempt at an Ele

OK.First attempt at a PvE ele hereLooking at the various builds around they all seem to be glass cannons.They are all loaded up with as many damage buffs as possible in their traits typically (6/6/0/0/2) and then wearing berserker or assassin armo...
Small Sir Gilles 6y
Sir Gilles0330Small Sir Gilles 6y

Mystic Forge Fun Time

Heyo Gilles since your the only one that will read this.Today I put forward a plan of buying the cheapest major sigils around 2g 50s each. I bought 4 sigils with a total of 50 in each and decided what are my chances of Sup Sigils from the 50 + ret...
Small Adatra 7y
Adatra4684Small Sir Gilles 7y

Ascalon Speed Clear post 26 Feb Patch

This guy has it together:Shared start: 2:, that is FAST.
Small Cole 8y
Cole61180Small Shi Violet 8y

Dungeon Videos!

Hey everyone. Was going through the gw2 forums and came across this handy little topic that has videos for each and everyone of the main dungeons. Comes with helpful hints and tips.Enjoy!!Link To Videos of Dungeons
Small Adatra 8y
Adatra71196Small Adatra 8y

Skill and Dodge

GW2 =/= button mash? Heresy!Video on skill and evasion
Small Cole 9y
Cole2595Small Fyrehart 9y
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