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WvW Firebrand is a Firebrand build that Crim put on Discord. It looks a bit like my old healing guardian I used in ...
Small Sir Gilles 3y
Sir Gilles1752Small Sir Gilles 3y

Soooooooooooo... Deadeye

REally enjoying it. Hard to solo. Vicious with a partner in crime.
Small Cole 3y
Cole1674Small Cole 3y

Building a new Guardian

Since almost everything in the old Guardian build thread is now moot I thought I'd start a new one.Anet seem to be on a winning streak for making the players happy this week.The changes to the traits system have drastically reduced the number of w...
Small Sir Gilles 6y
Sir Gilles317423Small Sir Gilles 4y

Tanking Vale Guardian for fun and profit

This is the Death and Taxes Celestial Hammer Build for tanking the Vale Guardian as a Dragonhunter. have two versions of the build - a more DPS heavy version and a more defensive versionThis uses the ...
Small Sir Gilles 4y
Sir Gilles31005Small Sir Gilles 4y

Ye Olde Experimental Warrior PvE build

This is a minor tweak off the metabuild warrior frontline WvW build.BEHOLDIt may be that you can make an armor combination that gives as similar combination of stat bonuses to Marauder's armor using Valkyrie's and Assassin's gear. But I am not sur...
Small Sir Gilles 4y
Sir Gilles51246Small Ettiene Ruhl 4y

Warrior Tank/Support Build heals does 2.5k per shout.Strong CC for holding out pts on SpvpHigh toughness.weak against necros (condi) very few condi removals on this build.
Member avatar small Dagnue 5y
Dagnue2624Small Sir Gilles 5y


They have a summary of the dragon hunter longbow attacks and traits on GW2wikiMy first inclination is that it feels out of place on a Guardian. It is going to take a while to wrap my head around I think. One thing I have noticed:Hunter's Determin...
Small Sir Gilles 6y
Sir Gilles51164Small Sir Gilles 5y

Revenant Build

First attempt at a Revenant build intended to be not so much of a glass cannon.In fact if you went for staff and Ventari's legend and all healing power gear like Zealot's or Clerics armor you might be able to make a monk class.
Small Sir Gilles 5y
Sir Gilles0436Small Sir Gilles 5y

The Bubble Build

Thought I would post the build I was using in PvP and WvW over the weekend that everyone was finding so annoying/amusing. Actis nicknamed it the Bubble Build The fine details of my accessories could be a little off but that isn't really relevant.A...
Small Sir Gilles 6y
Sir Gilles0490Small Sir Gilles 6y

Looking at Rangers

OK I have no idea what I had on my ranger before the trait redesign and I have no idea what traits the character has now, but over lunch I had a play with what Tara seems to be using. Ranger Dual Axe buildI started with a longbow and dual axes.I p...
Small Sir Gilles 6y
Sir Gilles41093Small Sir Gilles 6y

The Master of the Mists

Revenant The Master of the MistsSome things to take note of: Unique profession mechanic Unique resource system Heavy armor Medium health pool Color scheme: red, black, and misty white A revenant can select from a pool of legends—epic characters f...
Small Adatra 6y
Adatra2560Small Sir Gilles 6y

Mesmer builds aplenty

This is a suggested mesmer build that the player is sufficiently confident in that he dubs it 'Immortal' here.I'm still wrapping my head around it, but it looks interesting. I've never really tried combos as anything but a curiosity. They appear t...
Small Sir Gilles 8y
Sir Gilles82458Small Sir Gilles 7y

First foray into warrior builds

My Charr warrior is now level 75 so it's time to start thinking about how to set him up to achieve all these fantastic things warriors are purported to be capable of.Just playing around with the build editor over lunch I came up with this as a fir...
Small Sir Gilles 8y
Sir Gilles81609Small Sir Gilles 8y

Rain King's build: fun with auras!

At Adatra's request I'm posting Rain King's Auramancer build: I can't really take credit for it since everyone else came up with the exact same idea. The basic idea is that you have about 4 skills that grant auras: your auras will apply to nearby ...
Small Rain King 8y
Rain King2664Small Adatra 8y


Well i know its been tough trying to figure out the best looking greatswords out there and which ones go with your armour. So here is a nice list i found today WITH pictures i know amazing.Awesome Pictures Inside Becareful Now
Small Adatra 8y
Adatra4842Small Sir Gilles 8y


I know alot of us started playing as Guardian first up.So what do you think of it?Have a favourite weapon you like to use?Favourite Skill Set?
Small Adatra 9y
Adatra3795Small Sir Gilles 8y

All GW2 Ranger Pets

Don't ask me how but this video has all GW2 Ranger pets in action INCLUDING those from HoM.He also has a wonderful accent and his encounter with the lashtail devourer is worthy of special mention.All your pets belong to us
Small Cole 9y
Cole3843Small Fyrehart 9y
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