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#12104615 Feb 26, 2016 at 09:11 AM
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Current Mist WvW Group Composition:

The idea for this build is NOT FOR GVG USE. This is for our Mist's WvW use where they are almost always fighting outnumbered against trash mobs, or against mediocre guild groups twice our size. There are simple counters organised groups can use against this build, as with any build.

They're experimenting with the boon sharing ideas...

Party 1:
1x DH - Build as below
1xCele Staff Support - Celestial ele, with aura share. Celestial gives higher healing power for group sustain.
1xBoon share chrono with gravity well - build as below
1x Necro/Reaper bomb - Pure power bomb
1x Rev - Naturalistic Resonance (50% boon uptime increase), passive boons and raw dmg.

Party 2:
1x DH - Build as below
1x Staff Support - High DPS glass ele - played by our best ele.
1x Boon share chrono with gravity well, build below
1x Necro power bomb
1x Rev - Naturalistic Resonance (50% boon uptime increase), passive boons and raw dmg.

Party 3/Adds:
-Warriors - Trooper runes for hard condi removal. Troop runes needed here as the rest of the group has little hard condi removal. Group resistance uptime allows for this. High shock damage and brawling.
-Gank if fighting numbers < 20

The Current Builds:

DH Build editor

Chronomancer build editor with
These sigils are expensive ...however 30% boon duration boost is huge. We can group pool gold for this if people need help.

Rev build editor
As with the other builds, Mussle Gnashblade is a better food than the Napolitos Sauce but harder to get.

Composition Description

The goal of this build is to maximise resistance and protection uptime.

Protection uptime comes from guardians and chronos sharing boons, as well as the passive effect of durability runes 'on hit'. Using the new HoT food which isn't even on the build editor yet, mussles something, you get +15% boon duration and 15% damage reduction, stacking. With this combination you can maintain 100% uptime of 45% damage reduction.
Runes of durability also proc resistance on hit for 1 second every 20 seconds. Using a boon duration boost, this goes to 1.8 seconds every 20 seconds per person running the runes. If you have 2 in the party (a guardian and a chrono) this goes to 3.6s every 20seconds. This is further stacked by the chronos bountiful dissalusionment, which results in 100% resistance uptime.

Thus you have, 100% up-time of immunity to conditions and 48% damage reduction.

Resistance is a new boon and can only be applied to others through a few skills. The best at doing this are chrono and rev. All the while we have resistance up for the group, we will take NO CONDITION DAMAGE. That means none of those pesky necro fears. None of those bleeds. None of those slows. We've been on the brutal receiving end of what we believe is a similar build concept from the TC guild [ND], Never Die.

The equipment needs to get gotten from Auric Basin and Dragon's stand. It's a bit of a farm. It'll be boring. BUT we need to start looking at innovative builds like this to step it up from a mediocre 'another fight guild' to a scary, rampaging ball of death. The very fact that it is hard to get and requires an organised group is an advantage to us. Less dedicated, less hardcore groups do not have this sort of build as an option.

This composition is fairly easily countered by boon corruption (necro Well of Corruption, corrupt boon). These however are not part of any meta at the moment, and unless groups understand what is going on and switch specifically out for corruption there is not much else they can do. So facing skilled groups we may need to switch things up, but 9/10 of the time in WvW we face trash which won't know what to do.

Gameplay Example

Looking at ND which runs this build in late SEA time, we notice:
-Rev's run boon share as well.
-Revs run naturalistic resonance.
-Everyone runs +15% boon duration, +10% dmg reduction food.
-Those who don't run that food run the oils instead and run power food.

Warrior POV:
Note use of gravity well, hallowed ground on guards and ridiculous boon up-time on everyone.
Video Link

Guardian POV:
Video Link

Here is the food they suggest running:
Mussels Gnashblade

Unfortunately it may be out of our reach since the recipe costs 100 crystalline and is account bound, from dragons stand.

It may be more rational for guardians to swap out a sigil of fire for sigil of concentration (if gold is not a problem) and keep using power food. That way we have the damage still but also get boon boost.
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OK this is the build Gilles is packing at the moment for WvW (and for most of PvE)

For fighting guild lords with a lot of interrupts like the ones in the two south towers I have been switching to mace/shield & staff and tweeking the honour traits like so

It has been evolving towards the suggested build for a Dragon Hunter as I upgrade my armor to ascended gear.
When I have the chance I will probably respec the ascended weapons to Commander stats and possibly Minstrel stats on a new Staff.
Sigils of Concentration on the shield and staff are also the long term goal.

The massive healing spike possible from Purification (combined with an AoE daze and blindness) seems to take a lot of people by surprise. I also have dazes on the two other DH traps.
Any time I use a shout or block an attack it cures a condition and heals me so I have a lot of built in condition removal. The one thing that seems to put me down quick is multiple necros condi spamming overwhelming that.
I've also noticed a new symbol coming up amongst my boons recently which must be resistance coming from the runes of durability.
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