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[Pinned] Get to know your Crafters

Please post your crafter names, professions and ranks here.
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General Discussion

[Pinned] The Hall of Heroes Guild Emblem

So... what shall it be.You can create entries here: Emblem CreatorBe sure to screenie and post your suggestions.Happy designing
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[Pinned] Black Lion Trading House - why you keep getting "sniped" on those bargains

Black Lion Trading House is back up and I spent a couple of hours playing with it. Eventually I worked out why I was missing out on cheap identified dye. This technique works for everything and really should have been in the manual.Things to know ...
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Tyrian Rifle Association

[Pinned] Introducing the TRA

Our most excellent allies live at TRA Home where they stockpile weapons and ammunition.Remember if Charr'lton Hesston and his friends didn't have this gun the King of Ascalon could just come in here and start pushing you around. Do you want that, ...
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The Order of the Chimaera

[Pinned] Re-Introducing the OC

A long long time ago I can still remember how that Guild used to make me smile.And I knew if I had my chance that I could make those people questAnd maybe they'd be happy for a while...But March 27 2007 made me shiver with every escort quest I'd d...
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The Legendary Journies continue...

1 And it came to pass that Sir Gilles came upon the outpost of Bluebriar and it was held by the heathens of the Black Gate. And the Lord spoke unto Sir Gilles and said unto him 'Go unto the high mountain top to the south and upon it build a trebu...
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WvW Firebrand is a Firebrand build that Crim put on Discord. It looks a bit like my old healing guardian I used in ...
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Windows 8.1 Shuts Down Spontaneously

Hi,My desktop computer running Windows 8.1, with all patches installed shuts down without warning a couple of times a week - seems to be random as I can see no pattern to when it happens, let alone why. Very annoying as there is no time to save m...
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download failed due to an unknown error

Hi,I am not trying to download a large file. I am trying to download any file at all. A 3.31MB .pdf shouldn't incur this error.I have a Nexus 7 2012 that is running 4.4.4 because I am one of the many users whose tablets turn into bricks/slugs afte...
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New PC randomly restarting, Event 41 Kernel Power

Hi,I'm back again and I've built a new PC. Still having bad luck with computers I guess. System specs are listed on my profile. I've been having problems with my pc restarting, event log shows Event 41 Kernel Power. It happens while playing Dead S...
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Computer shutting down when idle regardless of config

Hi,I have a number of windows 7 machines set up in an office and all of them were set up the exact same way. All but two are having issues shutting down when idle. I have my power options set to do nothing but turn off the monitor. Shutting off ha...
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General Discussion

Programme stopped working issue

Hi,I was just wondering if anyone else have had this problem with the game or if the problem is only on my side.The game was running just fine but recently (in last two days or so) I've been experiencing these issues when the game just stops worki...
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Soooooooooooo... Deadeye

REally enjoying it. Hard to solo. Vicious with a partner in crime.
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Building a new Guardian

Since almost everything in the old Guardian build thread is now moot I thought I'd start a new one.Anet seem to be on a winning streak for making the players happy this week.The changes to the traits system have drastically reduced the number of w...
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Tanking Vale Guardian for fun and profit

This is the Death and Taxes Celestial Hammer Build for tanking the Vale Guardian as a Dragonhunter. have two versions of the build - a more DPS heavy version and a more defensive versionThis uses the ...
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Ye Olde Experimental Warrior PvE build

This is a minor tweak off the metabuild warrior frontline WvW build.BEHOLDIt may be that you can make an armor combination that gives as similar combination of stat bonuses to Marauder's armor using Valkyrie's and Assassin's gear. But I am not sur...
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Some serious BAMFs

Was looking through forums at some peoples armor choices and came across some really nice combos. Some people really know how to pose their characters too.ElementalistElementalistElementalistElementalistMesmerNecromancerGuardianGuardianWarrior
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So tonight i did some raids with a group who does them on a daily. i soon came to realize to do raids there is a specific build that is needed. after being told i was too tough and that necromancers are not supposed to be a tank the commander poin...
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So this is my first time ever posting on here... feeling just a tad nervous,anyway i have recently after one hole year of playing gw2 have decided i should up my game with crafting, Had been sitting at 194 of artificer for way too long am now at 2...
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